Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Porch Fire

Our team is on the job! Arriving to a home where a small fire caught on the porch and worked its way into this home. Pictured is the damage shortly after the fi... READ MORE

Be safe with plugging in your gadgets

Small fires cause big damage. Plugging too many electrical items into one outlet can do more than just trip a breaker. There's actually a serious risk of an ele... READ MORE

Space Heater Safety

It is important to remember safety steps in your day to day operations. When cold days start, heating is a must. How you heat your home or business may vary. So... READ MORE

Puffback Season is Back

Turning your heater over to help make your home or office nice, toasty, and cozy can possibly bring some unwanted unexpected things. Puffback season is upon us.... READ MORE

Don't play with matches

Colder days are coming, holiday decorations and appropriate candles are being lit. Many are getting their stockpile of wood set aside for their fireplaces. Fire... READ MORE

Tip Tuesday - Burning Candles

It's officially fall time. Candles are one way we all bring in the good spirits of fall and holidays to come. Whether it's those pumpkin spice kind of candles y... READ MORE

Small Fire - Big Damages

Fires are never something you can predict. They are truly the most unexpected and most damaging event that can happen to your home or business. SERVPRO of Salem... READ MORE

Pennsville Cooking Fire Damage

We all know walking away from the stove while cooking can be extremely dangerous. But then again we all can say that we are guilty of it. Recently in Pennsville... READ MORE