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Oh no there's mold...

8/6/2020 (Permalink)

Did you find a slow leak in your bathroom or up under the sink in the kitchen? Are you worried about mold growth in the basement because it is just so humid down there? If you answered yes to either of these questions, give us a ring! We will come out, see what is going on, and see how we can help you if there is mold in any of these (or other) areas in your home. No one likes finding mold and wondering how long has that been there? Most people think you can just wipe it off and it will be fine, but they are wrong. Once mold is growing it continues until you get it professionally taken care of with the right process and techniques. Mold starts as a spore, which is invisible to the naked eye and could be all around you without you even knowing it. So, take some time this weekend and do some searching around your home as a just in case. And if you notice your basement is getting humid maybe take a trip on out to your local hardware store and see if they have a dehumidifier handy. Mold loves a hot humid area to grow take away the humidity it is a lot harder for it to flourish.

Finding Mold in your Home or Business

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

Finding mold in your home or business can be very discouraging. Between wondering when this began and how long it's been there, to the health risks, to how am I going to take care of this? Here at SERVPRO of Salem County we are well trained in how to remediate mold and put a protective layer to eliminate it. Some things to keep in mind as we head into the warmer more humid months. These environments let mold thrive. If your home or business gets overly humid in the warmer months, investing in a dehumidifier may save you from mold damage! Mold needs a warm, humid, and wet environment to flourish. If you take away some of these aspects you should be able to eliminate even the possibility of mold in your household/business!

Now on the other hand if you find mold in your home don’t try to take care of the issue yourself! While you may think that you’ve solved the problem it still may be lingering and causing harm to your health. Our technicians are trained in eliminating mold and have the right products and techniques in completing the job with ease. Call us today if you have even suspicions of mold! We are here to help.

Colors of Mold

7/18/2019 (Permalink)

Species of Molds and Their Remediation Follows Certain Guidelines

Mold damage in Salem County comes in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and conditions, but perhaps the most heavily-weighted factor we use in determining an approach to the problem is color. The color of a patch of mold can determine everything from its species to what effects it may have on the home to how dangerous it is. Mold can be green, brown, black, blue, or almost any other color, but in American homes usually falls into one of the following three categories.

White Mold 
The most benign color of mold damage found in Salem County homes is usually from a white mold patch. Patches of fuzzy, white growth usually indicate a very young colony that can be killed and removed without great difficulty. If you find white mold in your home, you are in luck, but only if you call us before it can turn into a more significant problem. We always check the home to make sure white mold patches are not merely an extension of a larger, separate problem as well. 
Green Mold 
Green is the most common color of mold damage in local homes and businesses, mainly because of several of the most common strains of mold exhibit this color. These infestations are not too dangerous and are easily predictable, but the variety of species and strains means that we cannot know how difficult remediation may be until we see the mold for ourselves. This type of mold may cause health effects. 
Black Mold 
Black mold is rarer than other types of mold but is noteworthy because it has an unwarranted reputation for being especially dangerous. Black mold may be more likely to cause adverse health effects, especially with physical contact or long-term exposure. If you find black mold in your home, call us quickly.

Fungal growths in your home can cause damage to structural components if left untreated. SERVPRO of Salem County is a locally-owned provider of mold remediation and restoration services with expert knowledge in all common strains of mold in the area. Call us at (856) 339-0500.

Use Mold Damage as an Opportunity to Find Vulnerabilities in Your Brentwood Home

7/16/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Technicians Thoroughly Assess Your Home Before Remediating the Mold Infestation

Finding mold growth in your Salem County home can be disturbing or even frightening. Everyone hears stories about how molds can cause health effects, but no research establishes a clear relationship for all individuals. Regardless of how it impacts your well being, it is vital to respond to mold growth in your home. Our mold remediation crew is ready to get to work.
Some folks are sensitive to the increase in mold spores and byproducts when full-blown mold damage occurs in a Salem County home. Perhaps more concerning is the signal the mold growth is giving you. Mold does not grow as easily as one might think. Millions of microscopic mold spores are always in the air and on surfaces in the average home. Moisture is the addition that fuels the development of the unpleasant smelling and destructive mold colonies.
Building materials experience deterioration when mold multiplies, but the water saturating the structure prior to the microbial proliferation already commenced the damage. When SERVPRO mold remediation crews evaluate your mold problem, we also are providing a map of areas of your property that benefit from a close examination for ongoing water incursions. Our experienced inspectors identify problems ranging from aging shingles to clogged drainage system, slow plumbing leaks to persistent pet or kid related spills, ice dams to improperly graded landscaping, and many more.
SERVPRO mold remediation team members plan a comprehensive containment and removal procedure, ensuring that our workers and your family are safe during each step. Large mold infestations can require the establishment of zones, with the mold-containing air exhausted outdoors through filters via ductwork. Negative air pressure machines help “scrub” the emissions and contain the dangerous airborne materials away from unaffected spaces in your home.
We scrape and blast the mold colonies off surfaces, occasionally removing and discarding structural components that are too compromised with fungal growth to save. SERVPRO crews train in the proper ways to bag and dispose of the moldy materials, according to local requirements.
Once the mold remediation commences, SERVPRO runs down a list of recommendations for homeowner follow-up. The provision of moisture must cease, or the mold returns. Determining what areas of your home need maintenance and repair allows you to prevent future mold issues by fixing water intrusion problems that harm your house in many aspects.
SERVPRO of Salem County employs experts in mold remediation and water damage restoration. The combination works to avoid deterioration of your treasured home. Call us at (856) 339-0500 to take the strides needed to protect and maintain your dwelling.

Mold Remediation Tips

7/16/2018 (Permalink)

If you have ever seen mold in the bathroom, kitchen or elsewhere in your Salem County home, you know just how unsightly it can be. Not only is mold ugly, but it can also make your home look dirty and unkempt. What you should know, however, is that mold is more than just unappealing; it can also cause health effects for you and your family members.

1. Locate the Source

Before SERVPRO can thoroughly and effectively get rid of the mold in your home, we have to determine where it is coming from. We'll check for leaky pipes, for example, since they are a common cause of mold.

2. Discard of Materials That are Contaminated

Get rid of any material that is contaminated by mold, such as a shower curtain, by putting it in a plastic bag and throwing it away.

3. Keep Drip Pans Clean
Check the drip pans for your refrigerator and air conditioner. Because they are kept moist, these pans can become a breeding ground for mold.

4. Reduce the Humidity in Your Home
Salem County mold thrives in moist environments, so reducing the humidity in your home can help. Consider investing in a dehumidifier to help pull some of the moisture out of the air. Also, use your stove vent when you are cooking, and turn the exhaust fan on in your bathroom when you are taking a bath or shower.

5. Check Your Home's Foundation
It is critical to ensure that your home's foundation isn't allowing any water to seep into your basement. Otherwise, this moisture could cause mold to grow.

6. Monitor the Site
Keep an eye on any areas that have grown mold before to ensure that the problem has not resurfaced.

7. Don't Be Afraid to Call SERVPRO.
Some homeowners may try to take care of the mold problem themselves, the preferred solution is to call a Salem County area professional to identify and remediate your mold damage. We have high tech measurement and monitoring devices to locate hidden moisture that you might not readily see.

If you suspect that your Salem County home or business has a mold problem, SERVPRO of Salem County can inspect and assess your property. If mold is found, they have the training, equipment, and expertise to handle the situation. Call us at (856) 339-0500 for help.