Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Flooding Happens

Surface Water Flooding Another one of the most common residential (and commercial) water damage is flooding from nearby creeks and rivers and low-lying lands. A... READ MORE

Dirty Jobs

Here at SERVPRO of Salem County, we handle all sorts of jobs. Including those dirty jobs like this one. Our team arrived at this job not sure exactly what to ex... READ MORE

Clean Carpets!!

We love to show off our teams work. But also to show why we are the best at everything that we do. From water damages, fire damages, mold issues, all the way to... READ MORE

Our team showing off those Fresh Carpets

Our technicians love to send pictures in to our office manager to show off their solid work! Of course we have to post it here so everyone else can see. So in t... READ MORE

Carpet lifted to dry!

During water damage in a home or business, no one ever fully knows the extent of the damage until they call on professionals to come out and investigate. That's... READ MORE

We do it all

Some of our jobs start out super simple and can be done in just a short amount of time. Then we get jobs that we start to add more things to our lists. Nonethel... READ MORE

Fun checkered floors

Do you ever look at something from a distance, and it looks perfectly fine? What about it looks like a complete disaster, then you look closer and it looks fine... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning!!!

In the photos you’ll see before and after pictures of a local carpet cleaning that our team here at SERVPRO of Salem County just did! We are not only an e... READ MORE

Woodstown Fourth of July Parade

Our team here at SERVPRO of Salem County was very blessed to be in the Woodstown Parade celebrating the Fourth of July. We were able to recruit these little hum... READ MORE