Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Long road ahead, heading in the right DRY direction

CONTINUED…Pictured is the aftermath from the kitchen ceiling cut out and disposed of. Most people think that just because it feels dry, it will be fine. ... READ MORE

Only the beginning...

When someone leaves the sink running, eventually the drain just won't be able to keep up. As the sink fills, it begins to slowly flow over and trickle onto the ... READ MORE


We have all had our fair share of rough mornings. Right? Those ones where we trip over our own feet, quickly pack our lunch for the day and end up spilling our ... READ MORE

Water Damage created Mold Damage

After a water damage occurs, there is always a possibility for mold to come soon after. Even if dried properly on your own, there is still a chance mold will gr... READ MORE

Just has to be done

When water damage occurs in any situation, you never fully know the extent of the damage until you get the professionals in to take a look. In this case, this h... READ MORE

Water Damage Mitigation in Elmer, NJ Basement

In the process of the washer and dryer being moved, the hose sprung a leak and filled the entire basement with water. SERVPRO of Salem County was called on for ... READ MORE

Mitigation Services in Elmer, NJ

SERVPRO of Salem County got called to a residence in Elmer, NJ for a homeowner that came home from a business trip to find her den's ceiling had fallen through ... READ MORE

Clean Water Source Damages Pedricktown, NJ Basement

One Saturday afternoon a Pedricktown, NJ homeowner was not thinking they would have about 2" of water in their basement due to a broken supply line pipe. After ... READ MORE

Water damage in Swedesboro, NJ turned into beauty

Coming home to find the water supply line to your refrigerator gushing out water onto you kitchen floor can be a nightmare. But the Water Damage Experts at SERV... READ MORE